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Digital Ceramic Systems have revolutionised ceramic decoration

Pioneers in digital ceramic 'permanent' printing, we are the only authorised UK supplier of a patented range of ceramic toners and specially formulated developers produced by our business partner MZ Toner Technologies in Germany.

Our toner technology is the highest quality available producing superior photographic print reproduction that is fade resistant and UV stable for permanent decoration. Applications include ceramics, porcelain, glass and vitreous enamelled steel.

Years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the digital ceramic print industry positions us at the forefront of the latest technology, benefitting our customers through the Digital Ceramic Printer systems we provide.

We continually strive for improvement and through research and development have recently made final modifications to our technology to have the first high resolution large format laser ceramic printer.

These advancements in our digital ceramic printing technologies mean we are the first specialists to offer not only small scale ceramic printing but large format scale printing targeting the architectural sector and opening up new markets and possibilities worldwide.