Dreamer’s Space becomes a reality with Digital Ceramics!

Artist, illustrator and animator, Corrina Askin had been searching for a company to produce custom ceramic tiles using her artwork before discovering Digital Ceramics.

Funded by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Corrina’s project, Dreamer’s Space is a stunning art trail featured in a small community garden, in Belfast. Using characters and story moments to engage visitors, the trail consists of small, tiled murals that serve to connect people to the location and nature, whilst bringing a sense of community.

Corrina commissioned us to work on the project following her Springhall Artist in Residence award win. She had been developing Dreamer’s Space, a series of public artworks, community interventions and subtle site-specific illustrations throughout Flowerfield Arts Centre and Park, which celebrate the power of creativity and imagination.

Searching for a company to transfer her illustrations and fire them onto tiles, Corrina found Digital Ceramics through artist, Laura Carlin, who had tagged and thanked the team in her social media post. Corrina said: “I wanted the tiles to be as intricate as possible, from subtleties in colour to line quality. I could see how spot on they had been with other projects, so was delighted to have found them!”

Digital Ceramics’ industry-leading ceramic printing technology allowed us to print Corrina’s artwork onto waterslide transfers. Our sister company, Digital Ceramic Custom Tiles then turned the prints into stunning high-quality, scratch proof and weather-resistant ceramic tiles.

Gavin Riley, director of Digital Ceramic Systems commented that it was a pleasure working with Corrina on her project and the team thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

Corrina added, “Gavin and Mark were pleasant and easy to work with! They were both friendly and happy to answer any questions I had, but most importantly, they were flexible when I changed my mind on a few things.

“Their knowledge and expertise assured me that they were the right people to bring Dreamer’s Space to life! They even went as far as explaining the limitations as well as the advantages, and it was obvious that they were extremely familiar with all aspects of the technique. It was really reassuring to know that they were always one step ahead!”

We hope to work with Corrina again in the future!

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