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What is the difference between a new sheet and proof sheet?

A proof sheet is £25.00 inc VAT, for this cost Digital Ceramics will retain a printed copy of the transfer sheet for future orders to be matched to for colour consistency and you will receive a sheet. A new sheet is £15.80 inc VAT, you will receive a transfer sheet but we do not retain a copy. If a proof sheet is not ordered we cannot guarantee to match colours for future repeat orders.

Can you print white colour?

No, our decals are translucent. We print in a four colour process (CMYK) so any white areas in your artwork will be transparent.

Can I use ceramic transfers on glass?

Although the transfers are not designed for glass we have many customers who have had success with them. The transfers are not opaque so they will have a transparent finish. We would recommend you do your own trials on the glass first to see what works for you. We would also suggest using the red set of colours as they have a lower firing temperature.

What resolution does the artwork need to be?

Save your artwork at a minimum of 300dpi.

What file types do you accept?

We can accept most file formats, we recommend jpeg or pdf. If sending a pdf please make sure to embed the colour profile when saving the image. We advise that you save the image as a high resolution file of at least 300dpi.

What is the print area of the sheet?

The maximum print area of the sheet is 43 × 30cm, keep all artwork within this area to avoid anything getting accidently cropped.
The actual sheet size is 45 × 32cm.

What is your minimum order?

  • Orders sent via email have a minimum order value requirement of £100 (ex VAT)
  • New orders sent via the website shop have no minimum order value
  • Repeat orders sent via the website shop there is a minimum order of 5 sheets per design layout.